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Talking price: Euro: 2'500.-, All inclusive but dinner and alcohol.
Best pousada in the area … 2 nights in each pousada during 7 days.

20-26 NOVEMBER 2017 - 7 Days - 6 Nights | Reserve Your Dates
Expression of Interest and Bookings: |


In this event we want to share our passion for the country/region, our love for the sport and give you the opportunity to learn new things not only about kitesurfing but also about our environment, how to kite responsibly in a remote area, how to downwind properly with fun and not getting exhausted by the conditions, cover long distance with ease. Through Camille’s talk you will open your eyes to a totally unknown environment where professional kiteboarder have to go through for event, competitions, promotional photoshoots …. A new approach to the general Jeri to Delta Do Parnaiba Kitesurf Downwinder … We just added a few spices to make it as special and interesting as it can be !

We have the privilege and the honor to put together ( & Camille Delannoy) a unique kitesurfing experience on the north east coast of a Brazil. A special Kiteboarding Downwinder with Clinique integrated plus talks and video session from our Professional kitesurfer Guest CAMILLE DELANNOY. The concept is based on the discovery of the 3 states (Ceara, Piaui, Maranhao). We will set up and discover 3 magic places and learn at the same time that we will navigate this magical coastline … It is a mix of adventure, education, fun riding, learning new kitesurf tricks and tips in a fun a secure environment. Our Guest Cam will be holding the flag during the donwinwders and coaching you during the expression session and free ride sessions as well as downwinders. He will also run a series  of talk and video projection during the trip … Displaying his latest trip and explaining in details what it is to be a young ambitious kitesurfer is really in 2017!! The program is and will be in constant evolution and will basically run as following … 2 days in each location meaning 1 day downwind from one place to another … Discover the spectacular scenery of what the north east of brasil has to offer … and one day more staying locally and exploring, learning … being coach by Camille Delannoy and assistants. The all thing will be filmed and photographed (we have all the gear and the knowledge to create and produced the most mesmerizing videos and photos … You will have access to all that once the hard editing job is done !).

The events will happen between the 10th and 30th of November 2017. It will be 7 days event so we can put 3 events between these dates. Depending on how many people are interested we will organize up to 2-3 events. This event is of a 6 nights 7 days, including 6 full days of coaching/tuition, or downwinder action. We will take only 8-10 people per groups … could reorganize only one date for 6 pax minimum. So get your friends around and book yourself your own group session of 7 days, or we will group you with 2 of the other sessions.

It a 6 nights 7 days trip including accommodation, breakfast, Snacks/Lunch, drinks, tuition, coaching, guiding, cars and all fees related to cars, boats transfer and all fees related to boats transfers, video and photography, night events (but dinners meals and drinks), talks and Inspirational talks … All transfers between Jeri Parnaiba jeri. Inclusive as well a special event Rashi designed specially for the event !

The concept is getting a great local/international world renown Kitesurfer, Camille Delannoy, and set up a 7 days event for people who want to learn from him, discover 3 states of Brasil, Downwind the beautiful coastline and have a great fun with our team at Lov2KiteBrasil.

Basically the 2 days per location will be prepared and shared in 2 different activities … one day will be more having fun on the water and put to practice what you learned with Camille plus get some great coaching from the team Camille & Lov2KiteBrasil. And the second day will be downwinder with the all team … to put to practice your learning work … and have fun with us plus discover brasil with a different eye … From the water.

The dates are booked now between the 10th and the 30th of November 2017 … Depending on the amount of people interested we will run 2-3 sessions. Each session will be of 7 days/6 nights as described below. We decided to stay 2 days in each pousada/location to avoid too much moving around and have time to relax and organize Camille Delannoy Talks, Motivation Speeches as well as Video Projection nights. A few month prior to the dates we will announce the sections available.


• Camille Delannoy:
Pro-Kitesurfer for FONE team and Manera. Specialized in strapless directional kitesurfing.
Camille Delannoy tient un Vlog et le 7ème épisode parle de son kite trip à Pacasmayo au Pérou. Au programme, du strapless dans une vague incroyablement longue, du lifestyle sur le marché local et une invité de choix en la personne de l’espagnole Gisela Pulido 10 fois championne du monde freestyle.

Camille Delannoy in the steps of Mitu Monteiro, ripping with the strapless Guru in Sal, Cape Verde.
More about Camille:

• Cedric Schmidt:
Founder of &, swiss, french, australian established in Brasil. Kitesurfing instructor and guide, Photographer & Videographer, Graphic Artist. He is the main organizer of the all event and funny enough learned Camille how to kitesurf 4 years ago. A beautiful relationship and story !

We will be equiped with 2 Delorme InReach GPS/Tracking devices (, which will guarantee a constant contact between riders and cars, plus 4 sets of water proof radios ... With the Delorme Explorers, we can track each other devices, get illimited free emails/sms with any mobile phone around the world, and its 2 ways communication ... plus a SOS button in case of emergency rescue. The radios will facilitate communication and safety on and off the water.

We will have all the gear (gimbal, drones, dslr cameras, go pros) necessary to film and photography everyone … We will have a pretty big database of images and video to create a little souvenir of the all event to keep for you as a souvenir of your experience/adventure.

This all inclusive package but the evening meals and drinks. (so far around Euro 2’500.- per person share room)
There are option for single rooms with a surcharge of 30%

a 50% deposit is requested at booking and remaining a month before the event.
- PAYPAL: (5% Surcharge)
Switzerland US$
Switzerland EURO
Switzerland CHF
Brazil R$

As you probably understand such a program is long and complex to organize and sometimes we have to twick a few things around like pousada, cars, boats, … maybe the program of activities (downwind and coaching session) will change depending on condition out there. But nothing major unless advised in advance.

We selected 1 (exclusive luxury) pousada/hotel per state where we will stay 2 nights in. The 3 legs of our trip/adventure will be:
DAY 1-2:
Kitesurfing: Barrinhia, Prea, Jericoacoara, Guru, Tatajuba
Accommodation: Jericoacoara or Prea
DAY 3-4:
Kitesurfing: Maceo, Barra Grande, Macapa
Accommodation: Barra Grande
DAY 5-6:
Kitesurfing: Luiz Correia, Delta Do Parnaiba
Accommodation: Delta Do Parnaiba
DAY 7: Return back to Jericoacoara-Prea

2 jours barrinhia-prea-jeri-guriu-tatajuba
2 jours Camocin-Maceo-Barra Grande-Macapa
2 jours Parnaiba-Delta

Prea/Jericoacoara 2 days:
2) coaching session in Prea
2) barrinhia to guriu or Tatajuba downwind …
Barra Grande 2 Days:
1) Drive to Camocim/Maceo then downwind to Barra Grande
2) Barra Grande coaching session
Parnaiba 2 days:
1) Barra Grande to Parnaiba (casa de caboclo) first entrance of Delta
2) Parnaiba can do session at the front there at 5km from pousada access with boat
and then do a little downwind till the second entrance and get picked up by boat and go back to casa de caboclo.
7th day come back to jeri !


WhatsApp: +61 422 806 235

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