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For The Beginner one to the Adventurer Thrill Seeker!

Choose Your Downwinder Trip

Chose Your Downwinder Trip

5 Days Cumbuco to Jericoacoara

We will cover about 25-35 km per day doing downwinders with the cars following us almost all the way on the beach ... We will be able to discover some of the best kite spots of the State of Ceara. A large diversity of landscape and kitesurf conditions from flat water lagoons to surf beaches.

9 Days Cumbuco to Delta Do Parnaiba

Through this kitesurf trip / Adventure we will be going through 2 different states of Brasil (Ceara, Piaui). Lots of flat water, wave action as well as lagoons ... Discover different landscape and cultures along the way. It is definitley the most adapted kitesurf trip if you are looking to improve your skills. 

9 Days Jeri to Atins, Maranhaon

This is all about discovering new places that just got recently accessible and the wildest kitespot of brasil. Kitesurf, flat lagoon, point break, rivermouth, little remote fishing village. We will explore untouched places and meet the local wildlife of the Delta Do Parnaiba. Finish the trip in Atins and explore the Lencois do Maranhao.

More info & Booking here >>
More info & Booking here >>
More info & Booking here >>
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