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Safety In Remote Places Is A Must

Feeling safe & secure on our trip is MUST !!

We will be equiped with 2 Delorme InReach GPS/Tracking devices (, which will guarantee a constant contact between riders and cars, plus 4 sets of water proof radios ... With the Delorme Explorers, we can track each other devices, get illimited free emails/sms with any mobile phone around the world, and its 2 ways communication ... plus a SOS button in case of emergency rescue. The radios will facilitate communication and safety on and off the water.

For example if someone get lost or is having a kite issue, medical issue, we can organize emergency rescue on the spot as well as tracking your move or location (even if you move), then with the other device we can find you back ... The devices are waterproof and we have the rescue package that guarantees US$150'000.- worth of rescue mission ... Keep in mind that we are in brasil and this is what the company tells us for the world !!


On the top of GPS Delorme devices we are also equipped with 4 sets of radio (8 in total ) to guarantee communication on land and on the water, plus making sure we can talk with the people on the land and on the water ... It really help smoothing up the all process and save a lot of wasting time if well used !

Our Delorme InReach Devices will update automatically our trips as well as our tracks and exact position "direct live". The tracks on the water start point and stop point will be presented on a map with a link on our facebook page. All our tracking information will be posted on our facebook page as well as our website. So friends and family can know you are still alive and follow your progression during your holiday kitesurf trip.

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