About Angela Araujo

Angela is one of the 2 organizer and she will be mainly responsible for the logistic of transport and others.
Brasilian/Portuguese Nationalities, lived in Los Angeles, California for 5 years as a professional roller bladder. Born in Curitiba Brasil, Kitesurfer for now 6 years, owner of a transport and kite tours based in Ceara, Owner of “Windy KiteTrips Brasil”. Tour operator/Driver/translator for the last 4 years between Fortaleza, Ceara and San Luiz, Maranhao.



Speaks: portugese, english, spanish, french



Angela: +55 (88) 99999-9450

WhatsApp: +55 (88) 99999-9450

Passionate About Adventures & Inspiring Others

Angela has 15 years of high level competition in the field of Inline Skating. Living in California for 5 years. Passionate about sports and adventure in general specially if water and nature is involved. Living in Jericoacoara for a few years and dedicating full time on Kite adventures and off road trips. She has been organizing Kitesurfing trips with professionalism and safety for the last 4 years. Angela takes care of the logistics of the cars, land rescues and safety.

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Cedric: +55 88 98182 1770

WhatsApp: +61 422 806 235

Castelo Do Vento & Lov2KiteBrasil

R. A, 1161-1337,
Prea / Cruz - Ceara,
62595-000 | Brazil

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